About Us

Glace De Bloc is a French term for "Ice Block". At Glace De Bloc Inc, we aims to Revolutionise what "Ice Block", or "Potong Ice-Cream" really is. At our Glace De Bloc Parlour, we are working toward our Dream of being a well-known company that sells nice-tasting ice-cream in an interesting blocks presentation, which is worth the money and catering to the people who look for taste and presentation.

Glace De Bloc is inspired by the Traditional Potong Ice-Cream, except with a cool and modern difference, in Ice Blocks form. Thus we hope to make our customers reminisce their Childhood Memories, where they feel nostalgic and calm at the same time. 

The company is managed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Gregory Chew, assisted by the Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Ho Yan Jin, the Marketing Director, Iskandar B Dzulkarnian, and the Intern Operations Director, Casandra Ong.

Our Mission
To Revolutionise Ice-Cream in a Whole New Way

Our Vision
To Bring the Joys of the Past, to the Present

Our Goals
Having the Youths to enjoy their Parents' Favourite, but now with a Modern Twist, and having Old-Timers to enjoy their childhood Favourite.